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DVD Features

When you transfer your tapes, film and slides to DVD at Costco, your finished DVD will include these features:

Intelligent Chapters
Chapter points automatically detected at natural scene breaks in the footage.
Intelligent Scene Breaks
DVD Chapter Menus
DVD Chapter Menus Chapter menus with thumbnail pictures/moving images make it easy
to navigate to the scenes you want to watch
Music Video Highlights

Bonus Feature: 3 one-minute Music Video highlights of your footage
make your DVD fun to share with friends and family

Music Menu
  view music video samples View Music Video samples
Background Music (movie film and slides to DVD only)
Your choice of background music for your movie or slideshow

For videotape to DVD orders, the audio from the videotape will be transferred, so no background music is needed.

  Listen to background music samples Listen to background music samples
DVD Case Coversheet
Pictures of each chapter make it easy to search for favorite scenes. Chapter Thumbnails
Personalized Title
Personalized Titles Provide a title for your DVD. The Title will appear on the DVD case, disc and main menu screen.
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Questions or need help? Mail to support@costcodvd.co.uk or contact your local warehouse