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How to order?

At the moment, Digital Transfer Orders can only be submitted at one of the selected Costco locations, as displayed on the page Selected Warehouses.

Please bring your media to the Costco Photo Centre and they will assist you in completing your order. Order forms and packaging materials will be available.

To prevent waiting times at the Photo Centre counter as much as possible, we have created an online Order Form.
This form can be downloaded here.
  1. Enter the requested information as completely as possible
  2. Print your order form at home
  3. Don’t forget to read page 2 of the Order Form
  4. Bring the printed order form and your media to the Costco Photo Centre
  5. A Costco employee will check your printed Order Form and when OK, please sign it
  6. Your Digital Transfer Order has been completed and will be send over to our centralized lab for processing
  7. Within 3 – 4 weeks your Digital Transfer Order will be ready for pick-up
Your attention for the following topics (please review page 2 of the Order Form):
  • I have included only one media type in my order
  • My media does not contain copyrighted content
  • My media is one of the accepted format types as described on the Order Form
  • My media does not exceed the maximum input per order (if so, the order will be split and priced as separate orders)
  • I have labeled my media in viewing order, when relevant
  • I have removed my slides from carousels, trays and sheets (slide boxes will be provided at the counter of the Costco Photo Centre)

With each film (*) and slides transfer you have the choice to select from a collection of background music.
However, only one track can be selected for each DVD.

(*) You can also choose to keep the original audio of your movie film if previously recorded.
Please note that you can’t combine original audio with a track from our background music collection.

(Background music only available for transfers of film reels or slides).

Questions or need help? Mail to support@costcodvd.co.uk or contact your local warehouse