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Slides to DVD Transfer Service

Convert your 35mm slides to DVD

Why You Need to Digitize Your Collection of Slides

  • You have to set up a slide projector in order to view slide images.
  • Slides require careful storage; they are sensitive to heat, moisture, exposure to light, dust and mold. Colours may fade over time and image surfaces may become easily scratched.
  • Collections of slides are hard to organize and share.

Costco's Photo Centre Can Scan Your 35mm Slides

  • We will create an archive-quality Platinum DVD from your slide images. You will receive 2 copies of the DVD.
  • Watch your slide images as a movie slideshow. Choose a background music.
  • Share your digital images! From your computer you can email the JPEG image files or post them on your Facebook wall.
  • What You Get
  • Pricing
  • Restrictions
  • Preparing Your Order
  • Where to Order
  1. Each slide image manually scanned, cropped and as a batch colour enhanced
  2. Digital removal or dust and dirt on the slides
  3. DVD slideshow with background music(to watch your slide images on TV)
  4. Individual JPEG files stored on the DVD
  5. DVD chapter menus
  6. Chapter pictures on the DVD case
  7. DVD title (appears on the main menu screen, case and disc)
  8. Music video highlights from your content
  9. Digital Scrapbook multimedia software for PC (not for Windows 8 and 10)

23.99 (inc VAT) for the first 50 slides, 29p per additional slide.

  • 35mm slide format only at this time
  • 35mm slides in cardboard, plastic, metal or glass mounts
  • No sheets, carousels, trays or binders
  • Maximum 500 slides per DVD

Please make sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Remove all slides from carousels, trays and binders.

  2. If you have a preferred viewing sequence, label each slide in viewing order.
    If they aren't labeled, we will scan them in random order.

  3. Place the slides in the Costco supplied cardboard slide boxes. Label each box in viewing order.
    Mark an “X” on the side of the box to indicate direction of viewing order.

  4. Secure the sealed slide boxes with tape for added security.

Please bring your media to one of the Photo Labs below where we will assist you to complete the order form.

Aberdeen Milton Keynes
Chingford Reading
Derby Sheffield
Edinburgh Thurrock
Glasgow Watford

Payment is made upon collection. Note that this service currently can only be ordered at the selected warehouses as mentioned above.

Questions? Mail to support@costcodvd.co.uk or contact your local warehouse