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Videotape to DVD Transfer services

Convert your videotapes to DVDs
The Problem with Videotapes.
  • Videotapes degrade with time and with each viewing
  • VCRs are on their way out! Many stores no longer carry VCR machines.
    Replacement parts for VCRs are becoming harder to find.
  • Hooking up your camcorder to your TV to watch your home videos is not convenient.
  • Videotapes are hard to watch. You can spend a long time searching through footage to find your favorite parts.
Let Costco Transfer Your Videos to DVD!
  • Go directly to the scenes you want to watch.
  • Watch on your TV or PC (with DVD drive).
  • No more fast-forwarding or rewinding
  • DVDs don't fade with time or with each viewing.
  • Organize your entire home video collection.

  • Available Services
  • What You Get
  • Pricing
  • What We Cannot Do
  • Where to Order
  • VHS, S-VHS & VHS-C
  • Betamax & V2000
  • Mini-DV, Hi8, Digital 8 & 8mm video
  • Finalized 8cm Camcorder disc
  1. Your movie digitised to DVD
  2. Enhancements - slight colour brightening
  3. DVD chapter menus
  4. Chapter pictures on the DVD case
  5. DVD title (appears on the main menu screen, case and disc)
  6. Music video highlights from your content
  7. Digital Scrapbook multimedia software for PC (not for Windows 8 and 10)

23.99 (inc VAT) for up to 2 tapes to 1 DVD, 2 hours max per DVD.

  • Extreme Restoration- The video tapes we receive can be decades old and have already begun to degrade. With the exception of slight colour brightening, the quality of the footage on DVD cannot be improved from the quality of your source video tape.
  • Raw Video Footage on DVD - We cannot deliver just the raw footage on DVD for you to edit using video software. Our DVDs are authored to play on a DVD player and to be enjoyed like a Hollywood movie.
  • Customized DVD Projects - Because of Costco's automated process, we can't make custom projects, such as adding captions and adding custom music.
  • Copyright footage

Please bring your media to one of the Photo Labs below where we will assist you to complete the order form.

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Chingford Reading
Derby Sheffield
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Glasgow Watford

Payment is made upon collection. Note that this service currently can only be ordered at the selected warehouses as mentioned above.

Questions? Mail to support@costcodvd.co.uk or contact your local warehouse