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Why Transfer to DVD?

Home Videos Are Hard to Watch on Videotape
  • Videotapes degrade with time; the average lifespan of a videotape is 20 years.
  • Each time you view, rewind and fast-forward your videotape in your VCR, it slowly breaks down.
  • A videotape may degrade to the point that it may no longer be viewable.
  • It is becoming very difficult to find a VCR that still works.
  • Connecting your old camcorder to your TV to watch your home videos is very inconvenient.
  • Rewinding and fast-forwarding to find favorite scenes takes too much time.

Movie Film Reels and Projectors Are Obsolete
  • Family films have been passed from one generation to the next, but they have not been stored using the correct archival and preservation methods.
  • Film reels have degrade because of weather, dust and natural causes.
  • Home movie projectors are almost completely extinct.
  • When running old film through a projector you can break or burn the old film.
  • Many family members have not even had the chance to watch those old family movies because they don't have a working projector.

Let Costco Photo Centre help you watch your home videos again.
  • Easily watch these memories on your TV or computer.
  • Go directly to the scenes you want to view.
  • Eliminate the worry that your family memories could fade away.